One of the world most in-demand drummer from an early age, Brice Wassy has performed with some of the leading figures of our time. His versatility has found him accompanying such noted artists as Manu Dibango, Salif Keita, Miriam Makeba, Touré Kunda, Airto Moreira, Jacques Higelin, Daniel Balavoine, Don Cherry, Colin Walcott, Joe Zawinul, the Talking Heads and many others. Brice was one of the first drummers in history to transpose African polyrhythms on a modern drumset with a funky and jazzy groove.

After five noticeable opuses, Brice Wassy Group comes back with a new album, released Fall 2018. Brice steps aside his jazz influences to come back to his roots and blends jazz, rock, traditional Bikutsi, Makossa but also Gnawa beats, and personal compositions. From this apparent complexity arises the simplicity of an African Jazz Dance which invites everyone to feel the moment…


Brice Wassy – composition, drums, percussion, indonongo, vocals
Gaspar José – vibraphone, percussion
Nardy Castellini – saxophone
Bertrand Beruard – double bass, bass guitar
Diego Lipnizky – guitar

  1. Sustainable
  2. Tribal
  3. Zulu
  4. Froggie Chou
  5. Rapela
  6. Balengu Village Brice Wassy
  7. Mystic Brice Wassy
  8. All Blues Brice Wassy
  9. Footprints Brice Wassy
  10. Frenet (No More War) Brice Wassy
  11. Ta Kish Brice Wassy
  12. Ku Ngabeu Brice Wassy
  13. N’ga Funk Brice Wassy
  14. Flip Swing (Rhythmic Therapy) Brice Wassy
  15. Days Off Brice Wassy
  16. Tchokola Brice Wassy
  17. Dance Of Chief (Ndanzi) Brice Wassy
  18. Men Lah Brice Wassy
  19. Me Feeh Brice Wassy