Based on learning by oral transmission, Brice Wassy‘s method advocates listening, memorization and the instinctive and natural rapprochement of a rhythm to a movement.
Through an awareness of rhythmic perception, Brice accompanies students in the acquisition of rhythm.
The students will then be able to lead, in a playful way, a work around movement, sound, and memory.
At the end of the workshop, the participant easily feels the rhythmic pulsations and readily reconciles both rhythm and movement.


The workshops are open to anyone wishing to acquire rhythm.
Each workshop is limited to 10 participants.


Exploration of various instruments, mapping of a sound, rhythmic and musical environment. Learning and development of basic elements of rhythmic language. Particular attention is paid to amateur or professional musicians who wish to develop rhythmic and instrumental practice, polyrhythmic and improvisation.


The Rhythm Workshops consist of 3 hours sessions.

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  1. Sustainable
  2. Tribal
  3. Zulu
  4. Froggie Chou
  5. Rapela
  6. Balengu Village Brice Wassy
  7. Mystic Brice Wassy
  8. All Blues Brice Wassy
  9. Footprints Brice Wassy
  10. Frenet (No More War) Brice Wassy
  11. Ta Kish Brice Wassy
  12. Ku Ngabeu Brice Wassy
  13. N’ga Funk Brice Wassy
  14. Flip Swing (Rhythmic Therapy) Brice Wassy
  15. Days Off Brice Wassy
  16. Tchokola Brice Wassy
  17. Dance Of Chief (Ndanzi) Brice Wassy
  18. Men Lah Brice Wassy
  19. Me Feeh Brice Wassy